SRV TOUR (STB Approval Pending)

About Equal Ark

Every year about 300 horses are put down in Singapore, usually due to old age or injury. Equal Ark rescues, supports and gives some of these horses a new lease of life by training and enabling them, in partnership with qualified instructors, to render animal-assisted learning and therapeutic activities to children, youth, elderly and families who have experienced major setbacks in life due to poverty, family breakdown, disabilities or illness such as depression, dementia and mental wellness challenges that have been aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beneficiaries have responded remarkably well to these gentle creatures.

Show kindness to rescued horses that are now helping vulnerable people as well as support vulnerable persons by donating your SRV to the CAforGood Initiative to conduct the Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning Tours for beneficiaries.

The CAforGood SRV Initiative is a joint initiative by CAforGood, Equal Ark, The Boys Brigade and Actxplorer. We aim to organize up to 600 equine-assisted experiential learning tours over the next few months to bless as many as 12,000 needy people.

These tours offer beneficiaries the unique opportunity of learning and caring for rescued therapy horses, with the high possibility of receiving reciprocal care and help from the animals. In short, providing opportunities for beneficiaries to help animals to help them. Your donation will empower us and our animals to provide a time of fun and care for our beneficiaries through the Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning Tours.


Experience a Safe visit to the
'Gentle Horses'

Your $100 SRV donation will enable the following activities to take place for the beneficiaries:

A) Organization of Experiential Tours by Travel Agency

The professionally curated tours are planned and organised with an STB-approved Travel Agency. This will include the coordination with all stakeholders and participating agencies, the provision of safe-travel kits, meals as well as transport requirements for all beneficiaries from their respective schools or homes to EQUAL and back. The travel agency will also ensure all tour buses are adequately treated & protected by certified anti-COVID surface protection solution (E.g., ASN Guard).

B) Equine-Assisted Experience Programme at EQUAL.

The equine-assisted programme will be conducted by qualified Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) Instructors from. They will be assisted by trained and qualified docents from The Boys Brigade and other organisations. Activities will include an introduction to horses and their behaviours, meeting the horses, making perfumes or treats for horses, self-discovery through interaction with horses, and team play with horses.

Proceeds arising from this programme will be re-channelled back to CAForGood and Equal Ark for further development and growth of the Equine-Assisted Experience program to benefit more vulnerable or needy persons in Singapore.

About CAforGood

About CAforGood

CAforGood is a not-for-profit CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee). The coy was formed in May 2021 with the aim of getting successful businesses to pull their resources to support underserved communities in Singapore and the ASEAN region with innovative high-tech and high-touch solutions as part of their CSR efforts.


About Actxplorer

Actxplorer is a travel platform that collaborates with local communities and social organisations to create one-of-a-kind experiences that positively impact the community and help to generate new source of income for their work.

About Boys' Brigade

The BB in Singapore was founded on 12 January 1930. We employ a holistic approach in the development of youths. Through our programme, we hope for our youths to be world-ready, with the passion to act on their dreams and to serve and care for the community. Boys and Youths discover more about themselves, overcome challenges and broaden their perspectives through our exciting outdoor adventure activities, meaningful community projects and enrichment programmes. Increasingly, the emphasis is on leadership development, team building, life skills, adventure activities and community service. The BB members' experiential learning journey takes place in three specially designed programmes, namely Juniors Programme (Primary Schools), Seniors Programme (Secondary Schools) and Primers Programme (Polys, JCs and ITEs).



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